An endless anti stress game
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Mind Relaxing Game
for Android

Are you looking for a quiet and calming experience, a meditative exploration of the universe? Trajectory is a journey through space. Play with gravitation around the planets and visit distant stars in an endless game accompanied by peaceful and relaxing music. Try the most relaxing Android game app.

A relaxation app with calming music to relieve stress

This anti stress and mind relaxing game has the power to reduce stress and anxiety. Play it to calm down and to relax. It helps you when you are stressed or when you feel upset or frustrated. Play before going to bed or just before falling asleep. Play whenever you need to relax.

A soothing game app

Control your ship by tilting your device or by touching the screen

Navigate through planets and play with gravitation

Find distant stars and avoid asteroids and moons

There is neither an end nor a goal, it’s about the journey of a pilot in space, exploring the tranquility of the universe. A meditative game to relax your mind and soothe you.

Mind relaxing game for Android
A relaxation app with calming music
A soothing game app

First contact

Have you found a bug in TRAJECTORY, want to tell us how much you like or dislike our game or have a great new idea how we could improve the game, please let us know.


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